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Picking the right school

Picking the right school for you and your family is very Important.

Here some things to LOOK out for that you should avoid !!

1. If you are awarded a black belt in 1 or 2 years

2. The word SPECIAL COURSE you'll get your black belt quicker and pay BIG $$$

3. Classes not even a hour long and limited times

4. Birthday Parties...this is the biggest scam you'll run into , so your karate school is now McDonalds

5. When you get a your black belt their is a graduation fee this is generally a very large price

6. They don't teach a real style of martial arts arts but simply pick and choose from everything and make it up.

7. They can't name the style of martial arts they do... 

example  their are several styles of Tae kwon do and they can't name it

8. They don't teach actual forms or katas...they are made up.

They use names like dedication or Honor or even more silly names like dragons breath or eagle talon.

REAL forms or katas should have Korean or Japanese name to them.

9. LONG 3 to 4 year contracts that guarantee you a black belt. 

Many schools like to trap you in long contracts where you can't leave.

10.  You are REQUIRED to merchandise even if you don't need it or want it.

11. Dojo has a mascot

12. Kids classes are more games and chaos than actual martial arts.

13.  First thing that greets you at the door is their pro shop and cash register.

14. The school can't prove their lineage

15. Doing cart wheels and back flips

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