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Grandmaster Bill Superfoot Wallace

I highly recommend White Tiger Martial Arts 

Bill Superfoot Wallace / Joe Lewis School.

Grandmaster Todd Somers holds several titles including both

world & national titles, is 9 time USA Martial arts hall of

fame and is highly sought after in the martial arts community for his seminars.

~ Leon Rogers, Senior Vice President, Century Martial Arts

My daughter, son, and I all take classes here. With all three of us having different abilities, I appreciate how the instructors teach to everyone's potential. This is a traditional school and belts are very much earned, but they keep it fun too. You pay a monthly fee and take as many classes as you want during the week. That flexibility is really helpful in balancing other commitments. My little family loves the extended family feeling of WTMA.

~ Stefani Hodgkins

White Tiger Martial Arts is terrific!!! Grand Master Somers and his son Owen are great teachers. They are patient and explain every detail on the proper techniques, the reason behind the techniques and the targets for the techniques. This makes it a lot easier to learn instead of just going through the motions. They teach traditional style as Grand Master Somers learned over 40 years ago and not some new fancy method that is more for looks instead of self defense. They also encourage and welcome families to train at the same time. I take classes with my grandson which provides for some great bonding time. If you are looking to learn martial arts, this is the place!! If you are not sure if martial arts are for you, give it a try. I never would have thought I would have liked it especially at my age but their training style made me love it.

~ Scott Crawford

White Tiger is perfect for our family with classes that let your whole family do it together. It has taught my daughter to have the drive to learn as well as understanding the valuable lesson that if you want something you have to put in effort and work. We are so glad we found this gem so close to home. They have great hours and class sizes that are still large but they know the students enough to help guide them on what they need to improve on

~ Stacy Prager

So much respect for Grandmaster Somers and the school. It has enriched our lives and we love to talk about it at home. I love coming to class and really has a family feel to it. Thank you for all you do.

~ Kyle Reagan

Highly recommend!! Tried martial arts for my 11 year old who has behavior issues and very immature for his age. Master Somers has such great relationship with the kiddos and jokes around with them and they love it!

When it's time to be serious he is great at showing what is expected. We had tried another place in Clarksville and they just let the kids do whatever, but my son has learned so much in the few months we have been attending. Master Somers is great at showing everyone the why to what they are learning instead of just showing them the kick etc.

I as a parent really enjoy that they have all belt level training at the same times.

It gives my son a bigger picture as to where he can go if he stays with it.

I have seen my son grow class to class and I can't wait to see how he is in a few months to come! Mr. Somers is also great with the kids and I know myself and the kiddos love watching him and all his crazy cool moves !!! Bonus: ALL the students are so motivating and helpful and they all really cheer each other on.

This is such a great place and I am so blessed we found it.

- Talia Buttera 

White Tiger Martial Arts & Master Somers does a GREAT job

as their instructor. My two sons are

both attending and learning alot. The class is Flexible and allows

you to go as much or as your schedule allows.

I highly recommend White Tiger Martial Arts.

~ Mike Kleitz

White Tiger Martial Arts has helped my 9 year old become a better student,

listener and more respectful. This is the best martial arts school we have been in.

Shown all the results we are looking for.

~ Aaron Brian

White Tiger Martial Arts has been one of the best decisions i made for my son.

He has a lot of energy that he doesn't get to burn off at school, however, after karate

he is always more relaxed and sleeps better those nights. Master Somers

is amazing with my son and all the other children

He gives them the attention they need and will help one on one with your

child when needed. N n He is very Patient and runs an honest business! I also love

the open classes and freedom to pick which

days we can go. You definitely won't be disappointed!

~ Amber Mudd

White tiger martial arts & Master Somers has been a great

investment for my son who has trouble focusing and

has a lot of extra energy. Since my son has been attending

martial arts classes he has been able to

focus better at school and he sleeps more soundly at night.

Master Somers and the other instructors have done a great

job with my son, he has learned a lot in the short time that he

has been attending classes.

The open schedule has been a blessing also.

~ Natasha Munns

I enrolled my son at White Tiger Martial Arts about two months ago.

It has been a great confidence builder and a great incentive for him

to have a good attitude and do well at school so that he can

continue his classes. Master Somers is patient and fun for the children to learn from. I love the exercise he gets and how much he loves going.

My son is getting the discipline he needs to work hard

toward a goal and he’s excited about getting his next belt.

I am so glad that we enrolled him at White Tiger it is a

great place for you or your children to learn a new skill

~ Shannon Wessling

Excellent Instructors ! We have learned alot in the short time

we have been here. We are super excited to be apart of

White Tiger Martial Arts and look foward to growing

in many years to come ! Thank you for everything !

~ Mandy Warren

I know Master Somers and Superfoot well. You can't go wrong with Instruction here! Master Somers understands the reality of Self Defense. I've studied and met a lot of Instructors and he is one of the very FEW Hapkido instructors that to teach to strike BEFORE joint manipulation techniques.

~ Geoff Meed

This is a GREAT school !! Master Somers is a fantastic

instructor and great with the kids and explains the techniques

in detail and how they work. White Tiger martial arts is a very honest school .

My grandson left the school in the mall

in Clarksville... not gonna say its name... but it was all

about the $$$ and how much can they get

out of the parents tons of hidden fees. My Grandson has found

a true martial arts school and

has been taught respect, listening skills and

improved his confidence greatly ! We don't see horseplay

and kids running around at White Tigers.

I HIGHLY recommend this great martial arts school, you won't regret it.

~ Paul Fitzgerald

Great school. I have studied traditional Hapkido for the last 6 years.

Just moved to Kentucky and found Master Somers’

White Tiger Martial Arts school to continue my studies.

He has an impressive martial arts background and has developed a curriculum

that is a blend of traditional Hapkido and practical street level Hapkido.

His methods are practical, clear and motivating.

look forward to many years of study with Master Somers.

~ Jeff Gibson 4th Dan Hapkido

I like white Tiger Martial because Master Somers and instructors

are great with the kids, the classes are flexible,

my daughter has learned a lot also my son soon will start Practicing.

I definitely recommend White Tiger Martial Arts Bill SuperFoot Wallace.

~ Jimmy Vaquesz

The school is great for any ages group. We learn fast. 

The master are friendly, and easy to talk to.

Classes are really fun while learning some skills that I might

need one day. Overall it a great school!!

~ Snow Zheng

Master Somers thank you very much for the work you are doing with my son, I know it is not easy to work with young kids and more my son than his only sport have been video games but feel free to teach him discipline and order and perseverance because he needs it, your work and Your team is amazing and seeing the work you have accomplished in the other youth and children makes me dream to see my son at those levels someday.

~ Sara Padilla

We recently signed up our 3 kids for Taekwondo classes at the White Tiger. We could not be more pleased with the results. The groups are not large, which makes for a more personal experience for each student. There is a great mix of every belt level in each class. They are also really flexible with the class schedule, the membership allows for as many classes per week as available. We go twice per week, which seems to be enough. Our kids confidence 

is growing by each class they attend.

~Frilot Family

Great Place to learn multiple styles of martial arts. Everyone is friendly nice.

The instructors are patient & demonstrate very well.

 From the very first day I told myself

I’m going everyday totally worth it. For a small fee you can cross train 

in everything From ages 6 on up.. Please come by

~ Marcel Woodard

Absolutely awesome atmosphere!! Grandmaster Somers & Mr. Gibson are

Phenomenal teachers. Can’t beat the price or their experience anywhere !!!

~ David French

It’s been a GREAT experience so far !

~ Kenneth Chipchase

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